The Best Whiskey Bar and Lounge in Sydney

Sydney's Ultimate Whiskey Haven: Experience the Unique Charms of Our Nashville-Inspired Cocktail Bar

Hidden beneath the streets of Sydney’s CBD, Jolene’s Sydney is an authentic Nashville-inspired whiskey bar that offers visitors a unique and exciting experience. 

From its extensive menu of whiskeys to its flavourful country-style bar food, there’s something here that drinkers of all levels can appreciate. 

Whether you’re looking to learn more about the history and varieties of whiskey or just want to try something new, Jolene’s provides an unparalleled atmosphere for making memories over some great drinks. 

Our knowledgeable staff can talk your ear off about the history of whiskey, the differences between common types like bourbon and Scotch, or just pour the perfect drink and enjoy the lounge.


Whiskey Lounge and Cocktail Bar Elegance in Sydney: Where Crafted Spirits Meet Artful Mixology

Jolene’s is an authentic Nashville-inspired whiskey lounge that brings the unique flavours and atmosphere of Music City to Australia. 

Drawing from the city’s rich history and culture, Jolene’s offers a wide selection of whiskeys from across the US, ranging from classic bourbons to rye whiskey and everything in between. 

And if you want something not from the US … why? Our US selection has everything you could want.

But, if you’re particular to your Scotch, well, we’ve got a neat little selection of international flavours and varieties to cover you.

The extensive menu also features a diverse range of bar snacks and small plates prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. 

With its warm atmosphere, knowledgeable staff and live music events held regularly throughout the year, Jolene’s provides visitors with an unforgettable experience in experiencing some of Tennessee’s finest beverages.

The History of Whiskey: From Distilleries to Whiskey Bar in Sydney

The history of whiskey dates back centuries and has roots in many different cultures around the world. 

In Scotland, it was used as a medicinal elixir by monks who blended malt and grain with herbal remedies to create an alcohol-based tonic. 

It is believed that Irish distillers were the first to use barley mash for its distinctive flavor, while American pioneers began experimenting with corn mash for their own signature styles. 

The process of aging whiskey in charred oak barrels also originated during this period, giving birth to beloved varieties like Scotch whisky and bourbon. 

Today, there are hundreds of types of whiskeys from all corners of the globe, each offering unique aromas and flavors depending on their ingredients and production methods.


The Difference Between Whiskey, Bourbon, and Scotch

Whiskey, bourbon, and Scotch are all types of distilled alcohols made from grains such as barley, corn, rye, and wheat. While the production process is similar for each type of spirit, there are distinct differences that set them apart. 

Whiskey is a broad term used to describe spirits made anywhere in the world; it can be either single malt or blended with other whiskeys. 

    • Bourbon: Must be made in ANY U.S. state or territory from a grain mixture of minimum 51% corn. It must be aged in charred virgin oak containers and distilled no higher than 80% A.B.V. It must be entered into the oak container at no higher than 62.5% A.B.V and bottled no lower than 40% A.B.V (for American release) 
  • Tennessee Whiskey: Basically bourbon made specifically in Tennessee, but with one extra step; it must be steeped in charcoal chips before ageing.
  • Rye Whiskey: Before there was bourbon, there was rye whiskey. It follows the same rules as bourbon, but with 51% rye grain rather than corn.
  • Scotch Whiskey: From Scotland; it must be aged for at least three years in oak barrels and have a smoky flavor imparted by peat smoke during distillation.

In addition to having unique tastes due to their respective production processes, whiskey, bourbon and Scotch also vary in terms of legal requirements regarding age statements on labels. Come to Jolene’s small bar in Sydney to savour these exceptional spirits and learn more about their rich history.

Discover Sydney's Premier Whiskey Bar and Lounge Experience

We could try to talk about whiskey and food pairings – and we’ve got a great selection of late-night feed to satisfy your late-night food cravings – but for our money, the best companion to our whiskey selection is our live music.

Jolene’s is open Tuesday-Saturday every week, but from Thursday onwards, we transform into a bustling country bar with live music in Sydney’s CBD. Join us for live music starting at 7 pm on Thursdays and 8 pm on Fridays and Saturdays to catch the best bands playing classic favorites and modern hits.

Secure your spot and enjoy our Southern hospitality in our lounge. 

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