A Nashville inspired

American Whiskey, Cocktail & country music bar

"The Home Of Nashville Country & Western In Sydney"

Nashville Vibes at Sydney's Best Country Music Bar

Step out of the everyday grind and into a world of live music, great whiskey, and that classic Nashville, Tennessee hospitality at the best country bar Sydney has to offer.

A late night feed of classic American bar food. Strong, full bodied whiskeys straight from the American heartland – and around the world. Live country tunes by your favourite acts. 

If it’s a real country feel you’re after on your next late night out, Jolene’s Sydney is where you’ll find it.

Live Country Music Three Nights a Week

Dive into an exciting, music-filled country experience at Jolene’s Sydney. 

With live country performances every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, you won’t want to miss out. Jolene’s is home to the best country music Sydney has to offer, with acts including 

  • Lozz Benson
  • Blake Dantier
  • CK & The 45s
  • The Sweet Jelly Rolls
  • And many, many more

From old standards to the newest hits, there’s a bit of something for everyone at our live music events. You can stay up to date on current and upcoming performances so you never miss your favourite act.

Entertainment kicks off at 8PM Friday and Saturday and goes late into the night. Grab a whiskey and some late night feed and let the country vibes take over.

Sample Our Extensive Whiskey Collection

Whisky. Bourbon. Scotch. 

Wherever it’s from, whatever the type, we’ve got it.

Whether you’re an experienced connoisseur or just starting to explore, you’ll find something for everyone in our vast selection. Enjoy the distinctive flavours and smooth tastes of whiskeys from around the world — we have it all here!

  • Bourbon whiskey from across the US, straight or bonded
  • Tennessee whiskey, close to our hearts – straight from the home state of Nashville
  • Rye whiskey, the distinctive age-old classic 
  • American whiskeys such as American Single Malt, corn whiskey, wheat whiskey, and blended whiskeys
  • International whiskeys from Australia, Ireland, Scotland, and more

Our range has been curated by Owner Simon Rose-Hopkins, former Whiskey Brand Ambassador for Bacardi-Martini (Angel’s Envy, Aberfeldy)  – a man who knows a thing or two about what makes a good whiskey.

Don’t ask about the mid shelf. That’s the Owners’ own stock.

View our whiskey range

At over 7 pages long, you know we’re serious about our whiskey.

Enjoy Country-Style Food & Bond with Friends Over Good Music

Our whiskey bar food is the perfect accompaniment to our international range of whiskeys. Select a drink, grab a bite, and kick back to some live music. The kitchen at Jolene’s Sydney is always open till late, so you never need to rush.

From mac and cheese balls to popcorn chicken and our famous hot dogs, our country bar food is sure to be a hit. All made with authentic ingredients and served with that famous Nashville hospitality you’re looking for.

View our food menu

And as proud as we are of our whiskey selection, we know it’s not for everyone. Our bar is stocked with drinks from across the country, and the globe. There’s a little something for everyone at Jolene’s.

  • Local and international beers from the US, Mexico, and more.
  • A fine selection of Australian wines. We don’t bother with the international stuff; nothing beats a glass of red or white from home.
  • Classic cocktails for all tastes. Coyote Ugly, Ring of Fire, Trash Panda, Country as F*ck – our cocktail selection is as fun to order as it is to drink.

View our drink menu

The Best Country Bar Sydney Has to Offer

Jolene’s, located in the Sydney CBD, is a fresh take on hospitality, Nashville-style. 

It was brought to life by the award-winning Simon Rose-Hopkins (former bar manager of Nola Smokehouse & Bar, Surly’s American Tavern, Websters Newtown and Whiskey Brand Ambassador for Bacardi-Martini).

Jolene’s is a small bar inspired by Nashville’s bright lights and bold nightlife. Transport yourself from the busy streets of Sydney to the rocking homeland of America’s country music scene.

Secure your spot on your next night out. Jolene’s Sydney is open Tuesday-Saturday from 4PM till late.

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