Southern Comfort Bar Food: Your Ultimate Late Night Feed in Sydney

When the Sydney night draws in and hunger emerges, it’s not just any meal that will satisfy; you crave the heartiness of bar food, the kind that quells hunger thoroughly. Venture beneath the bustling streets of Sydney CBD into the inviting ambiance of Jolene’s Sydney, a haven where southern comfort food meets the late-night vibrancy of the city. Whether it’s a spontaneous late night feed in Sydney you seek or a planned evening filled with delectable comfort food and live tunes, Jolene’s caters to all.

Indulging in Late Night Food Sydney with a Southern Twist

Southern comfort food, a beloved tradition in many American South homes, finds a special place in Sydney at Jolene’s. Here, late night food Sydney seekers can delight in modern spins on cherished country classics. Imagine diving into mac n’ cheese balls, tater tots, and chicken tender sandwiches that promise to satisfy your late-night cravings. And what’s a taste of the US without its iconic hotdogs? Jolene’s Sydney presents three signature flavors to choose from:

  • Little Smokies: All-beef frankfurt coupled with liquid cheese, ketchup, mustard, gherkin relish, and crispy fried onions, all nestled in mini milk buns.
  • Mini Porkers: A smoked cocktail pork cheese kransky with the same delightful toppings, served on a soft milk bun.
  • The Big Cheese: A smoked cheese kransky adorned with liquid cheese sauce, ketchup, mustard, gherkin relish, and fried onion, served on a milk bun with a side of crunchy corn chips.

What better way to enjoy late night food in Sydney than with some good old-fashioned country music? From Thursday onwards, Jolene’s comes alive with energetic guitar licks and the heartfelt lyrics of traditional country tunes.

There’s something about sinking your teeth into a fresh Mac n Cheese ball while listening to a live band that just can’t be beat. And at Jolene’s, you can pair that delicious late-night food with your favourite drink from our whiskey bar, making it the perfect combination for a memorable night out. Whether you’re savouring the smoky notes of a fine bourbon or enjoying a classic cocktail, our whiskey bar has a wide selection to wash down your food and elevate your experience.

And at Jolene’s, the kitchen is always open till late so you can enjoy your bar food in Sydney any time. Contact us now. 

The Essence of Late Night Feed Sydney: Food and Music

Jolene’s truly comes to life from Thursday onwards, as the strum of guitars and heartfelt country lyrics fill the air, enhancing the late night food Sydney experience. It’s an unmatched sensation, enjoying a fresh Mac n Cheese ball while absorbing the live music vibes. At Jolene’s, your late-night feast pairs perfectly with a choice drink from our whiskey bar, offering a curated selection to complement your meal and enrich your night.
Checkout our live music section.

Always Ready: Your Go-To Spot for Late Night Food Sydney

Jolene’s kitchen remains operational till late, ensuring your late night feed Sydney desires are met with unmatched southern comfort food anytime. Whether you’re craving smoky hotdogs or the comforting embrace of mac and cheese, our doors are open, welcoming you to a world where late-night hunger meets its match.

Hotdogs and More: Perfecting the Late Night Feed in Sydney

The American hotdog, a story steeped in history and flavor, serves as a cornerstone of our menu, epitomizing the essence of American culinary culture. From Charles Feltman’s first Coney Island stand to today’s gourmet renditions, hotdogs remain a timeless choice for a satisfying late night feed in Sydney. At Jolene’s, we celebrate this tradition by offering an array of hotdogs that cater to every taste, ensuring a perfect bite for every late-night diner.

Jolene’s Sydney: Where Late Night Food Sydney Meets Southern Hospitality

As the night stretches on, and the city’s bars close their doors, Jolene’s Sydney stands as a beacon for those in search of a fulfilling late-night feed in Sydney. Our menu, brimming with southern comfort delights from fried chicken to empanadas, promises satisfaction for every palate. But it’s not just about the food; it’s about the experience. From our opening hours at 4 PM, through happy hour and into the night, we offer more than just late night food Sydney; we provide a space where good food, great music, and the best of friends come together for unforgettable nights. Join us at Jolene’s Sydney, the heart of modern country music and the pinnacle of late night feed Sydney, for a taste of southern hospitality right here in Sydney’s vibrant nightlife.